Issues associated with change of name and gender – mostly in the UK

Name change: the issues

I have of late been feeling a little guilty. The uninvited guest: the ghost at the banquet. More prosaically, the pourer of cold water. For while others have been growing … Continue reading

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Name change research

Short and sweet.  This is a call for help with research. Do you use a minor variant on your christened/registered/official name in everyday life? Like, your parents named you Stephen … Continue reading

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Stuck in old thinking

A real issue, for those trying to persuade organisations, commercial and public alike, to upgrade their thinking on name change is the failure of those same organisations to recognise that … Continue reading

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Information Commissioner backs individual right to change title

The Office of the Information Commissioner is slowly inching towards acknowledging that organisations that place unreasonable barriers in the way of individuals wishing to change (prefix) titles are doing so … Continue reading

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Cambridge attacks!

What IS it with Cambridge? The shire, that is, rather than the City. Or perhaps Cambridgeshire expansionism is actually a devilish plot even now being directed from the top of … Continue reading

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A Yorkshire tale: the ever-moving goalposts

Here’s a sorry tale from an individual – let’s call her Ms R – who opened a joint account at Yorkshire Bank with her then bloke in her own name … Continue reading

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The category error

One reason that there is so much fuss when it comes to “changing name”is a simple category error in the way many organisations approach the issue.

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HSBC over an unbarrel

In these day’s of burgeoning gender equality, a growing number of couples are deciding to double-barrel their surname when they get married. One individual who did this was Andrea Fletcher, … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court puts ID into perspective

A ruling in the US Supreme Court yesterday struck down laws in Texas and Wisconsin that required people to show photo ID at the polls if they wished to vote … Continue reading

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The Information Commissioner steps in

A blog from the Office of the Information Commissioner, published on Monday, underlines a new interest in issues of name and gender change from that body.

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